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This morning’s breakfast was an answer to an intense craving for cereal and a conveniently almost empty peanut butter jar… CIAJ! I raided the bestieroomie’s Mom’s Best Naturals Honey Grahams. (source) Holy hell these are FANTASTIC. Get some and put … Continue reading

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Roommate to the Rescue

Last night I was craving a Turkey Day leftovers sandwich, but didn’t have the necessary supplies.  But my roommate did… ROOMMATE TO THE RESCUE! Turkey, stuffing, spinach, hummus (not a leftover, but a delicious addition)… no cranberry sauce, so I … Continue reading

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Roasted Veggie Perfection

Having made tortillas last night, there was only one viable option for breakfast this morning… breakfast tacos! Filled with an egg, sweet potato, and spinach scramble and served alongside a clementine and some delicious coffee. This afternoon I went to a … Continue reading

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Homemade Tortillas!

The most beautiful lady cardinal was in my bird feeder today.  This picture is not great because it was shot through a window with a screen on it, but look at how brilliant orange her beak is! Tonight I turned … Continue reading

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My First Flashback Friday

I really don’t have anything exciting to post today considering all I have eaten are leftovers and all I’ve done today is work and some homework, so I will take a cue from Janetha and do a Flashback Friday of … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!  What a day!  I got up early to get my work on (time and a half!) and to bake a pumpkin/peanut butter pie to take with me to my eating destination this afternoon.  Alex is still in Oklahoma, … Continue reading

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It Occurred To Me

Last night I finished off my cheezy rice leftovers with the addition of some spinach and peas. And then I made Polly’s cornbread. Served with some peach jelly. Mmmmmmmmm. Lunch today was quick and easy. Amy’s black bean burrito and … Continue reading

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Quick Eats Rundown

Leftover whole wheat pumpkin biscuits fit nicely in saved gelato containers. They also make for a delicious breakfast. Two days in a row. Both times topped with unsweetened peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup.  Mmm. Yesterday’s lunch. Spinach, sweet potato, … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Biscuits

Rambo loves his bee. Ever since I read Gina‘s post the other day about sweet potato biscuits, I knew I had to make them, or something like them.  Last night I used her recipe but used whole wheat flour (therefore … Continue reading

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Speaking of tattoos…

I love tattoo art a lot and have been fascinated by tattoos and piercings ever since I was a little kid.  There was a lady who worked in the nursing home my mother, father and I all worked at when … Continue reading

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