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Orange Pumpkin Scramble

Thanks for all the well wishes and encouragement yesterday regarding my frustrations. Things may already be looking up, and I am definitely feeling better today. You guys rock. ❤ I made one of Ashley‘s breakfast burgers/scrambles for lunch today. I based it … Continue reading

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Recipes x4

For everyone who has asked about the turducken… it was delicious. It was cajun spiced and super moist.  Even the duck wasn’t too greasy (which is my usual complaint with duck) and super flavorful. I really enjoyed partaking in my … Continue reading

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Do you wanna?

Do you wanna see what I ate for dinner last night?  You do?  Alrighty then! Two pieces of whole grain toast, each thinly garlic-hummused and topped with goat gouda and an over easy egg, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and black … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Biscuits

Rambo loves his bee. Ever since I read Gina‘s post the other day about sweet potato biscuits, I knew I had to make them, or something like them.  Last night I used her recipe but used whole wheat flour (therefore … Continue reading

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Happy Pie, Sad Casserole

Yesterday I ate a couple peanut butter smooshies for first breakfast. And second breakfast was this beautiful leftover concoction. Thanks again, Julie, for sending me home with this!   Delicious Mexican casserole, courtesy of a Cooking Light magazine from 1995!!! … Continue reading

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Are you sick of it?

Are you sick of seeing a bowl with chicken and cornbread and spinach and sweet potatoes yet?  No?  Good, because here’s another one. Drizzled with the other night’s pumpkin sauce and sprinkled with some homemade granola, which will get its … Continue reading

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On Repeat

I’ve been eating a lot of the same foods the last few days, with a few minor tweaks and variations.  Remember the cornbread with pear/vanilla bean preserves snack from the other day?  Well I made it again, but this time … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Oat Bran and a Doggie Introduction

Happy Sunday!  I am so grateful for gaining an hour of sleep last night! Taking a page out of Allison‘s Crazy Dog Lady handbook (love ya, girl!), I wanted to take a moment and introduce you all to my fur … Continue reading

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Pear, Pumpkin, and Pho… Oh My!

But not all three at the same time! Yesterday’s eats were a lot of fun.  For dessert after lunch (leftover pasta and asparagus) I portioned up a couple small pieces of cornbread and topped them with some vanilla bean, elderflower, … Continue reading

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