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Vanilla Bean French Toast

Hey, cutie. Lunch was the last of the vindaloo leftovers with brussels and a huge hunk of spinach (wilted into a small pile) and the aforementioned clementine on the side. This afternoon a craving struck me pretty hard for french … Continue reading

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Jam-Filled Deliciousness

So back in the day I used to love a particular fruit-filled cereal bar that rhymes with… um… boot-ra-plain.  Yeah, I’m grasping there, but sound it out.  🙂  They have HFCS in them, and since that’s something I try to … Continue reading

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Orange Pumpkin Scramble

Thanks for all the well wishes and encouragement yesterday regarding my frustrations. Things may already be looking up, and I am definitely feeling better today. You guys rock. ❤ I made one of Ashley‘s breakfast burgers/scrambles for lunch today. I based it … Continue reading

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Bigger Than a Bread Box?

What is this shiny new contraption sitting atop my refrigerator? Why, a bread box of course! I have wanted a bread box for a while now, and my yoga instructor was nice enough to gift me the one she doesn’t … Continue reading

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Hello, Gorgeous

Hello, handsome. And hell-oooooo, gorgeous. Leftover meatloaf sandwich with goat gouda and spinach.  Yes. I don’t know how I managed to wavy cut my apples with my apple slicer, but I like it. I made another batch of smooshies last … Continue reading

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November = PB Love

Hello readers!  Did you know that November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month? (source) I eat peanut butter every day in some form or fashion, whether it be melting over some oatmeal or toast, in a PB&J (or honey or … Continue reading

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