My First Flashback Friday

I really don’t have anything exciting to post today considering all I have eaten are leftovers and all I’ve done today is work and some homework, so I will take a cue from Janetha and do a Flashback Friday of sorts.

Alex has been in Oklahoma for 2 weeks now working on some repairs on his sister’s house, so it can definitely be said that I am missing that guy.  I found this set of pictures from January 2009 that made me smile, and I’d like to share them with you.

My hair was looooong.  I’m actually working back to this, and it’s taking FOR-EV-ER.  Next time I say I want to cut my hair, someone please smack me.

I love this guy a lot.

We have a lot of fun together.

This next one cracks me up.

And these two are from the same time frame, on two different occasions.

We are very special.

I may continue with the Flashback Fridays, we’ll see.  I will hopefully have a more substantial post for you tomorrow.  Have a great Friday night!  Any good plans for the weekend, or are you still recovering from Thanksgiving?

❤ C

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7 Responses to My First Flashback Friday

  1. Peggy says:

    Aww, you guys are definitely too cute!

  2. Crystalyn says:

    Little River Band and stinky underwear. That is all.

  3. aw 🙂 love it.
    yeah….my hair grows SUPER SLOW. not my leg hair or my armpit hair, just the hair on my head!
    they say hair growns 6 inches per year on average. nope. not this girl. about 3 inches 😦
    i do like the flashback fridays 🙂

  4. Hahaha, hilarious! I think I recognize the location of the first set of pics – the Whole Foods on 6th? I’m from Austin & I miss the place terribly (school has brought me to Arizona). What can ya do? Oh – and I’m the same way with hair…..I always grow it out long (sometimes taking YEARS) then get a wild hair and hack it off. Then I’m always pissed like 2 months later! Some things never change : )

  5. lindsay says:

    silly pictures make for the best memories!

  6. Yay–so glad you hopped on the FF bandwagon. I loved it.

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