Roommate to the Rescue

Last night I was craving a Turkey Day leftovers sandwich, but didn’t have the necessary supplies.  But my roommate did… ROOMMATE TO THE RESCUE!

Turkey, stuffing, spinach, hummus (not a leftover, but a delicious addition)… no cranberry sauce, so I improvised with this guy.

Worked out BEAUTIFULLY.  Craving satisified!

It’s another crazy Monday!  Be back tomorrow!

❤ C

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11 Responses to Roommate to the Rescue

  1. ihearteggs says:

    Mmmm! that looks delicious! I cant wait for christmas to get leftovers!

  2. Crystalyn says:


  3. Haha aww this makes me miss having a roommate!!! 😉

  4. lol i totally used jam on my leftover sandwich too — someone ate all the cranberry sauce so it was entirely necessary to find a replacement =)


  5. Ashley says:

    Wow – that fancy jar of preserves looks delicious! And I know what you mean about the leftover thanksgiving sandwiches ~ aren’t they the best!?

  6. That spread looks very yummy!


  7. French Bean says:

    Geez. Now I’m hungry for turkey again, and I just had dinner, too. 😛

  8. Peggy says:

    Sandwich looks awesome! Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches are always the best!

  9. Thank you so much for your comment on my Marathon story. I just never quit. Have a great night

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