I Heart Snacks

I’m not a big fan of being hungry, so consequently I am a huge fan of snacks.  Here are a few snacks I’ve enjoyed over the past couple days.

It’s no secret I love the Stretch Island Fruit Strips, but when Heather put peanut butter on them the other day, I was baffled why I hadn’t already thought of that and knew I must recreate it immediately!

Lurrrrved it!!

Last night I had some lovely dessert hummus (although I think calling it hummus might be offputting to some folks, so maybe we should call it sweet chickpea spread or something) on the last slice of my gluten-free bread.

And a nice hot cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and vanilla stevia.

I also made some banana sandwiches a la Janetha.

Cute and delicious!

And a few more snow pictures from yesterday’s freak occurrence!

The bestieroomie and I made a teeny snowman.

Rambo braved the snow for a couple minutes and played with Lucy.

But then he needed some warming up when we came back inside!

And Lucy doesn’t like to play fetch, but she likes to carry all the toys around.

Silly baby.

I hope your Saturday is full of awesome and good times!

❤ C

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30 Responses to I Heart Snacks

  1. Ohmigod Girl!!!! I LOVE the new header!! It gorrrrrrrrrrgeous!!

    That pic of you and Lucy wrapped up in the blanket has GOT to be the cutest pic ever! she is absolutely precious!

  2. awww! Love the pic of you kissing Rambo’s head….but then that pic of Lucy is pretty dang cute, too! PB on fruit strips = genius! And those PB sandwiches are freaking adorable! Way classier than, say…..getting a spoonfull of PB straight from the jar & just munching alternating bites of banana & PB. Not that I’d ever just eat PB straight from the jar on a spoon or anything ; )

  3. what a bunch of yummy snacks!!
    I think I am going to try the desert hummus today!!! I was thinking of making it with pecans so that there is a bit of crunch!!! 🙂

    Hope you have a LOVELY day!!


  4. movesnmunchies says:

    i love me some snacks! the fruit leather + nut butter combo looks AMAZING! and i am currently snackin on a nanner with pb!! MUST MAKE YOUR DESSERT HUMMUS!/chickpea spread thang!

  5. Kristina says:

    That snowguy is cracking me up!!!! Love the cuddly pups:) ps-the new header is great!!!!

  6. Those lil’ banana sandwiches are SO cute! 🙂

  7. Why haven’t I made dessert hummus yet?! I love your new header 🙂

  8. how did I know think of that? Genius! I’ve got those flat fruit leathers and my almond butter is just dying to be smothered on it!

  9. GREAT new header 🙂 you really took advantage of your snow day, eh?
    i’m heading to TJs today to get some more peanut flour and chickpeas so i can try that cookie dough spread.
    i think i’m ready 🙂

  10. Amanda says:

    I love snacks too. I want to try dessert hummus but it also sort of freaks me out. I have trouble associating savory things as sweet even though I know it’s totally fine and most likely delicious. Just gotta get over it!

  11. I heart rambo and lucy! ❤ so much! give them hugs for me!

  12. I love bananas sandwiches! And never would have thought to put PBon the fruti strips..but I bet it was yummy!

  13. Peggy says:

    Love the new header! Too cute!

  14. lookin’ great around here, girl!! love the new header!

    and you already know I LOVE pup photos 😉

  15. rachel says:

    I like your new banner! And awesome Mr Snowman!

  16. rsmacaalay says:

    My daughter loves those fruit strips, even me got addicted to it. That’s why when her mom buys it for her school snack she wonders why it had gone so fast. Shhhh I’m nicking some 🙂

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