On Repeat

I’ve been eating a lot of the same foods the last few days, with a few minor tweaks and variations.  Remember the cornbread with pear/vanilla bean preserves snack from the other day?  Well I made it again, but this time with a piece of melted goat gouda.


And the cornbread, chicken, and curry sauce bowl?  I’ve made it again twice, although these bowls were served on a bed of barely wilted spinach and topped with goat cheese.

And I added sweet potato chunks to the one I ate yesterday.

Yesterday was an insanely productive workday, and as a result I ate a VERY late lunch. Thank goodness I had replicated the pumpkin oat bran from the other day again for breakfast, because it kept me good and full for hours.  At actual lunch time I snacked on a fuji apple, and Alex brought me a pineapple-peach-banana smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe (it was called Island Fever, which I couldn’t stop hearing “Island Fevahhhh” in my head all afternoon… yeah) which also held me over until I could finally break away to eat some real food.

Last night I cooked up a quick sauce with things that needed to be used up in the fridge – leftover canned pumpkin and tomato paste, along with the last bit of a garlic and herb goat cheese log.  I threw them all in a pot with some almond milk and water to thin, nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper.  Kinda similar to this sauce from HEAB‘s blog the other day.

Whisk until well combined and warmed through. And let doggies lick the residual pumpkin from the Tupperware.

And pour into empty and clean Naturally Nutty jar for storage.  🙂

Since I had such a late lunch, I was only really craving a snack for dinner, so I made some cheese toast with some goat gouda

and this bread that I got from Costco.

Pretty awesome ingredients list.

I dipped my broiled cheese toast in my pumpkin-goat cheese sauce.

Attractive?  No. But it definitely hit the comfort food spot, and my monthly visitor was pleased.  🙂

What foods have you been eating a lot of lately?  I’ve been eating goat cheese like a fiend!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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9 Responses to On Repeat

  1. innerobsidian says:

    did you read that ny times article about the u.s. government pushing cheese ? …i didn’t read it so i don’t know what’s up with that…..but thought i would mention it….the broiled toast and sauce does look tasty to me, btw 🙂

    and i keep thinking that is raw chicken on your cornbread in the first picture D:

    • LOL, definitely delicious pears, not raw chicken! 🙂

      I did read about the cheese thing. Makes me chuckle, but makes me sad too. It’s all in the name of expensive healthcare, if you ask me. :/

  2. janetha says:

    Vanilla bean preserves?! Thank God you linked back to that because I need to go check it out. I marked all my new posts as read when I got home from vacation and so I missed a bunch of yours!

  3. lindsay says:

    YOu had me at goat cheese gouda and pear/vanilla cornbread. Such good combos! How do you like the naturally nutty vanilla? Is it with worth the $$. Looks heavenly!

    • Naturally Nutty is worth EVERY penny. It’s like delicious peanut butter frosting that’s good for you. I highly recommend ordering some! And their cinnamon sunflower seed butter? Redonk!

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  5. I always eat the same foods over and over. Lately, it’s been lots of beef – I think my body is craving the iron, and goat cheese will always be a staple. Hmm, come to think of it, cornbread too. 😉

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