Are you sick of it?

Are you sick of seeing a bowl with chicken and cornbread and spinach and sweet potatoes yet?  No?  Good, because here’s another one.

Drizzled with the other night’s pumpkin sauce and sprinkled with some homemade granola, which will get its own deserving post some day when I make more.

And I certainly hope you’re not sick of recipes with pumpkin in them. For dinner I made Polly’s Pumpkin Meatloaf!

I used her recipe except for I didn’t have any red bell pepper on hand, so I omitted that.

I may have used a little bit too much pumpkin, because the end result didn’t hold together very well, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazeballs delicious.

Served alongside some microwaved frozen broccoli and edamame, sprinkled with nutritional yeast.  And I topped the meatloaf with goat cheese, because I’m definitely not sick of that!  🙂

I had some cute helpers in the kitchen, if by helping I mean staring and drooling.

A bit of randomness.  I saw a vulture in my residential neighborhood yesterday helping himself to a dead squirrel snack.

Kinda gruesome, but kinda interesting too. He even stopped and posed for me.

And last, but not least, go check out Eat the Damn Cake’s Cake Gallery. Eat the Damn Cake is a fabulous body image blog written by Kate, whose writing style I am way into.  And if you click on that link you can see a picture of me being very classy whilst dining on some seriously delicious cheesecake.  Thanks for adding me to the gallery, Kate!

Have a great day, all!  What’s your favorite recipe that incorporates pumpkin?  Do you like pumpkin in savory dishes too?


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5 Responses to Are you sick of it?

  1. Kate says:

    I like pumpkin in all dishes, but I have this memory of my dad making a pumpkin stew for my brother’s dorky revolutionary war reenactment birthday party, when we were really young. It had chunks of ham and cheddar cheese in it. It was amazing.

    Thanks for the shout-out! You look fantastic in the picture.

  2. Janetha G - meals & moves says:

    pumpkin meatloaf? fantastic!! I love Kate’s blog, I need to check her gallery.

  3. innerobsidian says:

    i want to eat some damn cake !

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