Wrap it up, Buttercup!

I bought some Flat-Out wraps at Costco the other and have been enjoying assembling delicious wraps for my eating pleasure.

I also bought some other magical items over the weekend.





some spinach and a Flat-Out wrap


This was SO good.  The coconut milk yogurt really tamed the intensely spicy flavor of the vindaloo sauce and made for a wonderful meal.

Served with some delicious dill pickle spears.

The next item on the menu was an egg scramble wrap.

I sauteed some mushrooms and scrambled some eggs in with them, smeared a Flat-Out wrap with avocado hummus (!) I picked up at Costco (yeah, it’s amazing) and layered the spinach and eggs onto the wrap, followed by a squirt of some Sriracha. And again with some pickle spears.

I love the flavor combination of eggs and mushrooms.  A match made in palate heaven.

Off to another super busy Monday.  I hope your week is off to a fresh and lovely start!

Have you tried the Flat-Out wraps?  What are the contents of your favorite wrap?

❤ C

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33 Responses to Wrap it up, Buttercup!

  1. The flatout wrap (and its contents!) looks super good! I’ve never tried them but I have had my eye on them for a while.

  2. I’ve tried those wraps and liked them, but sometimes my Costco doesn’t sell them 😦 Egg wraps are one of my favorites!

  3. mmmmmmmm looks good!!
    I bought flat out wraps once, and I didn’t like them much, I thought they tasted like metallic-ness… Maybe I just got some bad ones!!

  4. Priyanka says:

    My favorite wrap: bella mushrooms, arugula, hummus, red peppers, sprouts, carmalized onions and Gruyère cheese!

  5. avocado hummus!? That sounds amazing!

  6. thehungryscholar says:

    I don’t get wraps often, but when I do it is Chicken Caesar and it has to be from a particular restaurant. 🙂

  7. Jenn says:

    Um….. YUM! This is making me famished! =) Great combos on both the wraps.

    ps: these pupper pix make my day – every time! ❤

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  8. movesnmunchies says:

    Flatout are INSANE.. i love them! I usually put anything i can find into them! laughing cow and tuna rocks

  9. inmytummy says:

    I love vindaloo. I’m a big spicy food fan.

  10. Cultured coconut milk? Nice! and YUM.
    That wrap looks great!

  11. oh wow. total yum! thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Love those wraps! They are such a good size.

  13. allieksmith says:

    Magical food items haha that made me smile !! All of your pictures sure look yummy 😀 I love that your dogs always check out what you are taking pictures of!!!

  14. Marie says:

    I’m drooling over that avocado hummus, wow. I’m also a firm believer that eggs with Sriracha were made for each other! Now I really want that egg wrap…

  15. Vivian says:

    Whoa, that all looks insanely delicious! I love the idea of using coconut milk yogurt with curries and spicy food. It’s a perfect combination of flavors!

  16. I’ve bought the flat-out wraps before. Not bad. My absolute favorite wrap is the Ezekiel Sprouted Grain! Awesome texture and like 1/2 the sodium of most wraps!

    Favorite contents? Oh man, I’ve been known to stuff pretty much anything in a wrap! Hmm, I’d have to say definitely hummus and spinach…and whatever other veggie I’m craving!

    I’m loving your egg scramble wrap! Mushrooms, eggs, sriracha…oh my!

  17. Erika says:

    I love Flat Out Wraps! I’ve made pizzas, wraps, and paninis with them, but my favorite was a Nutella and banana ‘dilla. I spread some Nutella on the wrap, added 1/2 banana slices, folded in half, and heated on the stove. The Nutella was melty…it was really good. 🙂

  18. I love sprouts in my wrap!!! 🙂 Such a yummy texture!

    I tagged you with the stylish blogger award!

  19. Oh yummy! I’m soooooooo nervous about coconut milk NOW because YESTERDAY I cooked a savory meal with coconut milk and it was sooooooooooo sweet! Bah! It did NOT taste good! blech! but maybe I just need to try again… These look like GREAT ideas!

  20. That veggie burger/coconut milk yogurt sounds fabulous!! Sweet,cool/savory,hot combos rock. 🙂

  21. wraps! just did a post on wraps…i like to wrap up veggies but really, i live for sauce. MUST have dipping sauce. That vindaloo sauce you have looks delish!

  22. good looking wraps! i love flat outs and their fiber content. and the protein, too. they are great! i used to eat a wrap every day of my life. i need to bring that back!

  23. Meri says:

    Call me boring, but I just love wraps with melted peanut butter 🙂
    Back in college that’s about all I ate besides ramen haha. Still love tortillas and wraps though, way more than bread!

  24. Those wraps look yummy… probably good to make ahead and assemble at school.

  25. rsmacaalay says:

    I’m really loving how you present your blog articles, a picture of the ingredients and the end product.

  26. Brandy says:

    Flat out wraps are pretty darn delicious. I love the idea of the Indian veggie burger wrap….mmmm!

    I’ve been making hummus (homemade and mighty garlicky!) sandwiches with very soft, thin, whole wheat pitas from a local company that I found at Whole Foods all week. Guess it’s a wrap kind of a week? You’d think it would be a soup kind of a week. It’s 20 outside here!

  27. I haven’t tried those wraps specifically, but I do love scrambled eggs! With a little cheese and sea salt…mmmm!

  28. I used to eat those things all the time until I discovered my problem with soy. I don’t know if they still have soy in them or not, but I had to stop. I love an egg wrap! Yours looks delicious though! Love the flavor combination!

  29. OliePants says:

    I always see this at the grocery store but never have picked one up – I need to now – your wraps look DEEELICIOUS!

  30. Hahahahah – how fun!
    Such delicious dishes… Loved to see their ingredients altogether – makes me want to make those ASAP!

  31. Gaby says:

    Hey! I hope you’re staying warm! It’s crazy how cold TX has gotten!
    I love flat outs, I used to avoid them because they seemed “diety” and therefore probably were not good but then I caved on a super good sale and they are just so convenient and fit so much more than normal tortillas.
    I’ve been working early mornings and having to take my breakfast to go a lot lately and my favorite thing to do is pan fry a banana in a nonstick pan sometimes with maple syrup (or pancake syrup when I’m cheap lol) and spread PB or Almond butter on the flat out, top with fried bananas, wrap it up and go. It’s amazing! Really, any nut butter/ jelly combo is good. And today I made a pizza by putting it in the oven with tomato paste, garlic and some vegan cheese slices. I’ve done tostadas with refried beans and avocado slices, breakfast wraps with eggs and veggies, etc etc. Pretty much any good sandwich filling can be used in even larger quantities.

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