One-Pan Wonder

I love a good one-pan meal, especially one as comforting as the dish I made the other night!

SO easy.  I sauteed some mushrooms in olive oil, added several handfuls of frozen veggies, added a tiny bit of veggie broth, some vindaloo sauce, and a full can’s worth of rinsed chickpeas, and simmered everything with the pan covered for about 10 minutes until it all was warm. Rather than serve it over rice or quinoa, I used leftover mashed potatoes reserved from the other night.

Warm in both temperature and spice, and perfect for the cold nights we’ve been experiencing!

Made for great lunch leftovers the next day too, served alongside some brussels sprouts.

What’s your favorite one-pan meal?

❤ C

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17 Responses to One-Pan Wonder

  1. I have never had vindaloo sauce…but that dinner looks amazing! I guess I don’t have a fave…mine are different every time depending on my mood and what’s in my fridge!

  2. Stephanie says:

    That vindaloo sauce looks very intriguing.

  3. Carrie says:

    okay wow .. my def of a one pan wonder is some grilled veggies… i need to improve, clearly!

  4. adding the mashed potatoes was genius! I’m obsessed! obv. bookmarking this idea =) Thanks crafty kitchen buddy! ❤

  5. I had something similar, potatoes, chickpeas, soy beans, tomato puree, mixed veges, garlic, onion, spice mix…all cooked together. Really nice.

  6. one pan wonders are THE BEST!!! Cleaning up is always my LEAST favorite part of cooking, so containing the mess to 1 dish is the way to go!

  7. okay, this is too freaking. i made something SO similar last night- had lots of frozen brussel sprouts and chick peas in it too. we were totally craving the same thing!!! ❤

  8. One pan meals are my specialty… because that’s pretty much all I make! You name it, I have tossed it in a pan with a bunch of random food, and more often than not, it tastes awesome!

  9. lindsay says:

    that just might be my favorite one pan meal right there. All the right flavor combos!

  10. LOVE A STIRFRY!! Easy….veggies, protein, tasty, yummy! perfect!

  11. I am a habitual mixer of food so most all of my meals become one! I love anything with roasted veggies…and quinoa since I’m apparently on a quinoa kick lately!

    I want your brussels!

  12. My favorite one pan meal is probably my tofu stir fry! Just delicous! 🙂 your chickpea one pan meal may be my new favorite! Can’t wait to try!

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