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Wrap it up, Buttercup!

I bought some Flat-Out wraps at Costco the other and have been enjoying assembling delicious wraps for my eating pleasure. I also bought some other magical items over the weekend. This + + + some spinach and a Flat-Out wrap … Continue reading

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Date Night, Some Soup, and a Potholder

Date Night While Alex was sleeping off his graveyard shift, I decided I wanted to surprise him when he woke up with a stay-in date night.  I went and picked us up each our favorite pizzas and ice creams. His … Continue reading

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Kitchen Therapy

I took out some of my aggression in the kitchen this afternoon making some delightful black bean burgers. I used Heather’s black bean burger recipe as a basis to start, but with the following substitutions.  I used a whole can … Continue reading

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First Blogger Meetup and FF: 28 years ago

Yesterday I participated in my first blogger meetup with Ashley from The Fit Academic! We went to Kerbey Lane Cafe, a favorite place of mine to eat around town.  They have an extensive menu ranging from breakfast to dinner, with … Continue reading

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Hugh Jass to the Rescue!

This morning I combined this guy with these to make this! Butternut squash pudding, a la my recipe here for its cousin of the pumpkin variety. Pardon my muscle chart background. I’ve been feeling the effects of heavy eating these … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Mash-Up

Last night after an excellent yoga practice I was rushing to get home because I knew this was waiting for me at the house. A lemongrass beef vermicelli bowl from Pho Saigon.  Lettuce, onions (both white and green), shredded carrots, … Continue reading

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Hot Potato Voice

I am a medical transcriptionist, and I type doctor dictations all day long.  I had a doctor use the phrase “hot potato voice” today, which refers to speaking as though you had a mouthful of hot potato.  Extremely technical terminology … Continue reading

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Lovely Leftovers

Lovely leftovers lunch. Yesterday’s creations of low and slow sweet potatoes, shredded sprouts, and kale chips served atop a bed of wilted spinach and alongside two graham crackers (yay for the Whole Foods 365 brand with no HFCS!) with Mighty … Continue reading

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FF: Waaaay back

Happy Flashback Friday!  🙂  Let’s look at some food first, shall we? Looks like a normal bowl of cereal, no?  It’s special though.  It has a peanut butter center. Mighty Maple = True Love Lunch was a burrito bowl. Amy’s … Continue reading

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Christmas Came Early!

Alex and I are awful about keeping surprises from each other anyway (we ALWAYS end up giving xmas/birthday gifts early because we can’t stand the suspense of having it in our respective possessions), so the other day when a bunch … Continue reading

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