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Simple Breakfast, Crazy Day

Lundberg brown rice cakes, one with peanut butter, one with sunflower seed butter, and banana.  Simply delicious!  I forgot how much I love these things! Another day of mentally running around like a chicken with head cut off (because physically … Continue reading

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An Exciting Tuesday

Yesterday afternoon I got dolled up a bit.  Rockin’ the scarf. And feeling pretty smug about it, apparently.  😉 I headed out to the official grand opening of The Yoga Room!  I love the slogan, “Yoga for Every Body.” There … Continue reading

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Jam-Filled Deliciousness

So back in the day I used to love a particular fruit-filled cereal bar that rhymes with… um… boot-ra-plain.  Yeah, I’m grasping there, but sound it out.  🙂  They have HFCS in them, and since that’s something I try to … Continue reading

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Pancake Sunday

I finally was able to celebrate Pancake Sunday! I used Whitney‘s recipe for peanut butter pancakes with the following substitutions. I halved the recipe. I used 1 tsp of sugar. I used unsweetened almond milk instead of soy. I used … Continue reading

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Two Sweet Breakfasts

That last two mornings my breakfasts have had some desserty and delicious components to them. You know what’s awesome about being an adult?  If I want ice cream on my oat bran, I can have it. I cooked 1/2 cup … Continue reading

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Orange Pumpkin Scramble

Thanks for all the well wishes and encouragement yesterday regarding my frustrations. Things may already be looking up, and I am definitely feeling better today. You guys rock. ❤ I made one of Ashley‘s breakfast burgers/scrambles for lunch today. I based it … Continue reading

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A Return to Normalcy

It feels sooooo good to have some clean eats back in my life!  Last night I finally jumped on the smoked paprika bandwagon a la Ashley and Heather. I made baked tilapia sprinkled with the paprika and True Lemon, served … Continue reading

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Barney Butternut Bean Bliss

I got a few questions on my new tattoo in the comments section yesterday.  Allow me a moment to address them! 1.  How long did it take? It was a 3 hour sitting. 2.  Did it hurt? Tattoos definitely hurt. … Continue reading

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Hugh Jass to the Rescue!

This morning I combined this guy with these to make this! Butternut squash pudding, a la my recipe here for its cousin of the pumpkin variety. Pardon my muscle chart background. I’ve been feeling the effects of heavy eating these … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Mash-Up

Last night after an excellent yoga practice I was rushing to get home because I knew this was waiting for me at the house. A lemongrass beef vermicelli bowl from Pho Saigon.  Lettuce, onions (both white and green), shredded carrots, … Continue reading

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