Lentils and Hummus, As Promised

Last night I promised you guys I would talk about the lentil bake and the dessert hummus I made, and I’m here to make good on that promise.

As soon as I read HEAB’s post yesterday about the curried lentil dish she copied out of a magazine in a waiting room, I knew it was dinner destiny.

I also used a sweet potato instead of a butternut squash, and I also upped the content of the chili powder, but I subbed garlic for the ginger.


I love the flavor of curry and sweet potatoes together, and the lentils made for a very hearty dish.   The coconut and cinnamon really tied it all together.  I will definitely be making this again!

And for dessert, I had big plans for this guy.

I jumped on Evan’s dessert hummus bandwagon and made the peanut butter chocolate chip version, with a couple tweaks of my own.  More on that in a minute.

I set up my hummus skin peeling station.  Wanna take a trip into my warped mind?  The whole time I was doing this, I felt like I was circumcising each little chickpea.

Bowl of chickpea foreskins?  Yeah, I’ve got maaaaaaddddd issues, I know.

I put all my ingredients in the food processor, subbing vanilla bean paste for the vanilla extract and adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt, hoping this would up the cookie dough-esque factor of the dish.

I held that mini-Cuisinart button with all I had.

This came together pretty quick, but I blended for a good while to make sure all little chunks were pulverized. Once it was all homogeneous (to steal an Evan word), I folded in carob chips rather than chocolate chips, as I’ve really been loving on some carob lately. Love that maltiness!

This is smack yo’ mama good.

First taste bliss face.  Kudos for a truly delicious recipe, Evan!

I had a spoonful of it as a mid morning snack.

And lunch was a lentil bake burrito.

Served on a brown rice tortilla and with a hefty squirt of Sriracha.

And accompanied by some brussels topped with coconut oil and Southwestern Chipotle Mrs. Dash.

Heavenly indeed.

And because this post obviously doesn’t have enough photos in it already, here are my lovepups.

What’s your favorite way to prepare lentils?

❤ C

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50 Responses to Lentils and Hummus, As Promised

  1. omg, that hummus sounds to DIE for!!! Unfortunately, though, I don’t think I can ever look at chickpeas the same way again ; )

  2. Evan Thomas says:

    Hahaha, Oh God, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get “chickpea foreskins” out of my mind.
    Glad you liked the recipe! Vanilla bean paste is like magic. You can’t beat that vanilla flavor.

  3. So glad you enjoyed the lentil recipe Christin, but I have to admit, I’m a lot more excited about that hummus. I made a chocolate hummus once that was pretty good, carob chip cookie dough version sounds amazing! Must make that soon!

    Cracking up at the chickpea foreskins, and you know I love the pup pics. 🙂

  4. *BUT YOUR carob chip cookie dough version. 😉

  5. WOW, that really does look like cookie dough. I love maltiness…that means I might break down and try some Carob for sure.

  6. You just violated chickpeas Christin! You should be ashamed of yourself! ahahaha! So kidding!

    What exactly does dessert hummus taste like… i’m gonna need you to be uber descriptive and help me decide if this is something I need to make =) ok go! (and not the band!)

    • It really is cookie doughy in my opinion, just a different texture. The maple syrup really takes the savory component out of it. I LOVE it and totally think you should make it.. cuz then if you don’t love it you can just ship it to me! 😉 Even my boyfriend liked it, and he has a pretty picky palate!

  7. This is new. Asians generally use adzuki or mung beans to make soft/moist desserts while in Middle East and parts of Asia chickpea powder is used to make cookies etc. I never heard of chickpeas used in this way. Why not, it works! Very interesting. And its gotten me curious.

  8. I love lentil soup. But this recipe does look might tasty. And that hummus..yep…it’s happening. Foreskins? HAH! You crack me up!

    Do those brown rice tortillas taste as great as they look?

  9. I’m a huge fan of lentils and kale. This combo is calling me though. Mmm…

  10. Jen says:

    I will never be able to look at chickpeas the same again…I’m still laughing right now about the little circumsized chickpeas LOL!

  11. I love the way my Dad makes beans in the Crockpot. Lentils are such a great addition to soups. 🙂

  12. Oh yeah, that hummus looks right up my alley! And so do those lentils! I love curry and lentils..they make such a good pair!

  13. whitney says:

    Hummus for dessert!? That’s crazy. I would totally try it though.

  14. OliePants says:

    I need a hit of that burrito – esp when you add the sriracha! HOLY MOLY!

  15. I wish I was at your place last night! Dang woman! I haven’t tried Evan’s recipe yet, but I have made a cashew cinnamon hummus before that started me lovin’ dessert hummus. Sweet hummus is shockingly good! The lentil wrap, um YUM! I want that!

  16. beautyrun says:

    My mom would always cook garbanzo beans. She put olive oil and greek seasoning on them and put them in a 400 (I think) degree oven for 3-7 minutes.

  17. Both of these look soooo tasty. And I cannot stop laughing at the foreskin reference! The messed up thing is… the more I think about it, the more true it seems!

  18. Peggy says:

    That hummus sounds to die for! Love the dessert version!

  19. oh.my.gosh-lentil sweet potato tortilla!!! i want!
    is that from Trader Joe’s? i love those 🙂
    i didn’t think i was ready for sweet “hummus”. peanut butter and hummus are both such awesome condiments on their own, i’d be afraid to “taint” either….but the cookie dough comparison has me incredibly intrigued and you may have just convinced me!!

  20. Oh….my….gaahhhh. That dessert hummus is getting made…by me. 😀

  21. Hahaha…I couldn’t stop laughing at your foreskin comment..you crack me up… but that dessert hummus looks divine…i have a can waiting in my cupboard..maybe i’ll try to make some.

  22. meri says:

    Yum yum yum the dessert hummus!
    Thank goodness you did that mass circumcision… I can’t imagine the carnage if you let the food processor do the job for you 🙂
    cracking up at your bowl of garbanzo foreskins…

  23. That dessert hummus looks exactly like cooke dough!!! I LOL’d about the chickpea forskins!!

  24. sophia says:

    Good Lord!!! You have forever changed my perception of chickpeas. Now each time I see someone skinning chickpeas, or mentioning it, that bowl of chickpea foreskins will corrupt my mind. AAAHHH!!!

    Btw, I’m as bad as you as I couldn’t help giggling.

  25. movesnmunchies says:

    AHHH That hummus is FREAKING INSANE!!!! i knew these recipes were gna be good!

  26. Kristina says:

    bahahahaha love the chic pea comment!!!! That looks amazingly delish and yummy and filling all at the same time!

  27. This post is filled with waay too much eye candy! That wrap dinner looked ridiculously good. I just bought those brown rice wraps for the first time a few weeks ago and I loooove them. I haven’t had Brussels sprouts coconut oil…hm. Lots of meals inspirations from you:)

  28. That hummus idea freaks me out a little. I just can’t imagine hummus being sweet. That simply means that I am going to have to give it a try!

  29. I honestly cannot get enough hummus. Sweet, lemony, a bit spicy… I love’em all.

  30. Wow did it actually taste like cookie dough? I can’t imagine using chick peas as dough but hey, if it tastes good I will def take your word for it! I just assumed it would taste more like hummus….Can you cook them then to make them actual cookies too? I have just jumped on the lentil bandwagon so I have only tried one recipe with them but I am looking forward to experimenting with them some more in the future!

    • Taking all of the savory components out of the hummus (lemon, tahini) and replacing it with the peanut butter and maple syrup really makes it not taste hummus-y. The consistency is divine! I have no idea of you could bake it, and as I’m a huge cookie dough fan, I will probably just leave it in its dough-esque form for eating! 😀

  31. allieksmith says:

    Your hummus sounds soooo good 🙂 I like lentils in soup mmmm, making some tonight!! Stay warm <33

  32. I totally never saw this post but WOW. And great minds, right?
    First off, the lentil dish looks GREAT.
    Second, chickpea foreskins? HILARIOUS. Oh wow, that’s so funny! I like your style. 😉
    Third, chickpea dessert of wonderfulness? YES. I have to make that. YUM!
    Fourth, what exactly is in that lentil bake burrito? I have to make that too.

    Damn, best post ever.

    • Hehehehe, thank you!! And great minds indeed! The lentil bake burrito is seriously just the leftover curried lentils/sweet potato from the night before with Sriracha in burrito form. I’ll wrap most anything up in a burrito and call it good! 😀

  33. Girl, you are abso-freaking-lutely HILARIOUS!! Chickpea foreskins!!! I am dying! Hahahaha! And I love how you said it is “smack yo mama good!” I say that ALL the time!!

    I so almost made that lentil/sweet potato dish for dinner tonight, but alas I was too impatient/starving to wait for the potato to cook!

  34. rsmacaalay says:

    I love hummus, I guess this is the best replacement for mayonnaise ever

  35. Brandy says:

    HAHA! A chickpea mohel!

    That lentil wrap looks amazing. I want it now.

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