FF: I’m Special

I wanted a little variety in my breakfast this morning.

1/2 cup of plain coconut milk yogurt with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in and 1/2 cup of blueberries.

And a piece of brown rice bread lightly toasted with some peanut butter.

The dogs told me they’re sad that there haven’t been any pictures of them other than begging for food, so we had a photo session this morning.

He is such a princess.

And she is such a lady, laying with legs splayed wide.  And check out her emo foot chewing pinkness.

I was going through pictures last night for Flashback Friday, and it became obvious to me that I’m a little special.  I mean, mama always told me I was special, but I don’t think she knew how accurate that statement was.  I provide the following evidence.

Apparently I’ve always had style.

I have more pictures than I can count with hands and feet of me doing that open mouth thing.

Corn chips.  I’m apparently always been classy too.

That hair color was achieved by blow drying Sun-In into my hair every day. I don’t recommend doing that.  Note the breakage at the bangs area.

Ladies and gentleman, this is why I don’t dance.

That pretty much sums up how I felt about working at the bank.  🙂

Now that hair color I miss.  And yes, that’s snow on my collar.

And apparently if you take my camera away and subsequently take pictures of me, I point in protest.

I only had braces for 3 1/2 months, so this is one of like 5 pictures documenting their existence, even though you can hardly see them.

And this is me 4 years later doing the same pointing thing.  I think if someone took my camera from me now and took a picture I’d just smile.  🙂

Thanks for walking through the Durka-Durr Hall of Fame!

What’s everyone got going on for the weekend?  Tell me something exxxxxxciting!

❤ C

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32 Responses to FF: I’m Special

  1. ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! funny stuff! most of my teenage/college year pictures are of me looking quite um….emo

  2. oh-forgot to ask, did you make that coconut milk yogurt or buy it? if you made it, how did you do it? if you bought it, what brand is it? been looking to get some, but may end up making it myself 🙂

  3. movesnmunchies says:

    umm hello big pb glob!! GREAT close up!

  4. Hooray for puppy photo shoots!

    dude i dig the dark red hair! a LOT!

    • I dyed my hair from when I was 12-25. I’ve only had my natural hair color for a couple years, and I miss dying my hair so much, but part of me doesn’t want to start the process over either! I’m so torn!

  5. Heather says:

    Love the pup pics!

    Weekend, weekend…what shall I do with you? I am having my very first blogger meet up on Sunday! (yay!) and I believe there must be more bread baking! Oh and some nibbling on my Texas goodies! 😉

  6. I like the red hair a lot too! It’s always fun to look back at old pics. Your dogs are sooo cute! Mine will lay with their legs out like that too, so charming. 🙂
    My one plan that I know for the weekend is Bears vs. Packers on Sunday! Woohoo!

  7. Ok, that is funny! I like the red/purple in your hair! And your breakfast looks fab!

  8. Your dogs are so cute!!! My dog loves laying with her legs spread too!! So classy!! This weekend I’m going out bar hopping with my best friend!

  9. Great pics! I like the flashback opportunity… and I bet we’d all have some interesting hair choices in our own 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend! I’m in a meeting all day tomorrow from 9-5 (ugh), but then going to a xmas re-gift party where the entrance requirement is a crazy hair do…

  10. Erika says:

    Love the pictures of you. I ALWAYS have my mouth open in goofy pictures! I also have to have my mouth open a little when I ice skate – it helps me concentrate! LOL

  11. Stephanie says:

    Haha! I LOVE flashback pictures. But the dog pics don’t hurt either. 🙂

    Close that mouth woman! lol

  12. lindsay says:

    Love all those pictures. You are great at posing, haha! Flashback Fridays are getting to be a favorite.

  13. My exciting weekend will involve going to Costco. That’s honestly the highlight of my week 🙂

  14. I love the photos!!! Going through old pictures like that is so much fun.

  15. Haha..always fun to reminis through old pictures…I have one of me as a 12 yr old holding my puppy on my wall beside my desk at school..so kids can see that I too once was a kid…
    Have a great weekend.

  16. LauraJayne says:

    That coconut milk yogurt sounds delicious – where did you find it?
    And nothing exciting on the weekend front for me – just gym, homework, and more homework!

  17. Crystalyn says:

    mmm hmm, special.

  18. Meri says:

    I love it- I definitely went through a “crazy open mouthed” photo phase in high school/ college. I blame the booooooze….

  19. HAHAHAHA. I love the first one! :0


  20. Brandy says:

    Wow….Lucy lays out just like Riley. And she chews her feet incessantly. I blame it on taking after “Daddy” who also chews, rips, and tears at his nails.

    Love the old school photos….I have so very few of mine. 😦

  21. omg i have so many comments, where do i start?
    1. my dog does the same OCD paw-chewing thing. What’s up with that?
    2. i love your food pictures! The close-ups are amazing!
    3. Love the open-mouthed pics through the years! Hilarious!
    4. I totally did the same sun-in thing in high school! So silly!
    5. LOVE your hair color in the snow-on-the-collar pics!

  22. Erica D says:

    No way! My dog does the leg splaying thing too. He looks like a frog 🙂

    I remember my open-mouth pic phase…I recall that I commented on one of them years ago, saying, “I really need to stop doing that.” Old habits die hard!

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