Not Mushy!

I bought some brown rice pasta the other day from Central Market.

These little bunnies reassured me that it would not be mushy, although since they are carrying a rather large rock of cocaine, I wasn’t sure they could be trusted.

And then I discovered these lovely Engrish gems on the back of the package.

Formed to gourmet class!  Wait, what?  An ultimate in the enjoyment of pasta!  Well thank goodness.  And they specialise!  Damn straight.

I was totally impressed. It cooked up great and tastes delicious.  Especially when topped with another version of the one-pan wonder from the other night, this one with boatloads more mushrooms and black beans instead of chickpeas.

I served it with my newest go-to brussels sprouts.  I simply saute them in a little olive oil cut side down until the oil is absorbed, add a splash of water and a broken up veggie bullion cube, and stir it for a couple minutes.  They come out vibrantly green and crunchy.  I have made three 2 lb bags this way so far.

So incredibly filling!

The leftovers made for a lovely lunch today.

Food porny goodness.

I am so not sick of this dish. I still have enough leftovers for one more meal, and if I hadn’t used the last of the vindaloo sauce and the last of the frozen veggies I’d probably make it again. Food groove, not a rut… right Averie? 🙂

What dish could you eat over and over again?

❤ C

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49 Responses to Not Mushy!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ahhhh! This looks so good! I’m loving this raw eating adventure I’m on…but posts like this one have my body craving warmed up veggie goodness!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Tinkyada is my favorite gluten free pasta, it always comes out really well. It’s also one of the only ones that seems to reheat at a decent consistency.

  3. Jess says:

    Can you please send me some of those brussel sprouts? mmm!

  4. I’ll eat spinach stuffed shells til i’m blue in the face.

    I’m still cracking up at the giant rock of cocaine btw! =) thanks for that

  5. hilarious about the crack-wielding bunnies! WTF are they supposed to be holding, anyways!?

  6. lmho, I love Engrish!!! And those bunnies promising a quality eating experience are cute. Ahhh, foreign companies and there food always being so cute. 😛

  7. So it was good I take it? I have never seen a package that says “Not Mushy”, but then again, I have never seen “We speacialise” either! Too funny! My never-gets-old dish would have to be, none other than, pizza! Healthy pizza of course… 🙂

  8. spabettie says:

    ha! I love it – food GROOVE ! 😀

  9. This looks perfect! I love the package! Too funny. Um, I made oven roasted veggies that I could not get enough of and you know what I have roasting right now…more! Hello sweet stuff…we meet again…definitely not a rut!

  10. lindsay says:

    cute little bunny. I love that pasta and I would eat that dish daily, no doubt!

  11. LOL a large rock of cocaine! hahahaha.

    I love food grooves. I could seriously eat guacamole all day, everyday.

  12. Meesh says:

    That pasta looked great! Haha loved your comments about the bag, made me laugh 🙂 I’m totally someone who goes through food grooves, if something is good I eat it for days! Currently eating my weight in hummus 🙂

  13. Looks delish! I love a good non-mushy pasta…especially the specialised gourmet types!

    Great combo of stuff 🙂

  14. It does look like the bunnies are carrying a huge rock, whoops! hahhaha

  15. allieksmith says:

    Dude.. those bunnies TOTALLY are holding a rock of coke… crazy ;p HAHA. That seriously made me laugh like really hard. I think you need to make a page dedicated to spelling mistakes on food packages.. you are so legit at finding them!!

  16. inmytummy says:

    That’s definitely some food porny goodness.

  17. Anna says:

    That box was so funny. And mmm… that looks so good and now I’m really hungry!

  18. Haha that box was great! I just discovered your blog btw. 😀 That pasta dish looks/sounds amaaaazing. I’m excited to read more of your blog soon, adding you to my google reader! 🙂

  19. Meri says:

    I just was laughing at the crack rock and had to share that with man-go-round.

  20. “…although since they are carrying a rather large rock of cocaine, I wasn’t sure they could be trusted.” Haha! You crack me up!

    Love your one pot wonder! Dish I could eat over and over again? I’d have to say my Sante Fe Savory Oats, best oats I’ve ever made!!

  21. Yummy…I use that pasta all the time..the only problem I find is that they don’t stay tender after they get cold..regular pasta tends to stay soft, but not this kind, so I only make enough to last me one meal.

  22. movesnmunchies says:

    aHHH i dont even like pasta and this looks good!

  23. Erica D says:

    Haha, what ARE they carrying?? Is it supposed to be some kind of Easter egg? I guess it’s not important, because that pasta IS delicious! I cooked it for the gluten-free kids at summer camp, and they were happy campers 🙂

  24. rsmacaalay says:

    You made me really hungry with that pasta

  25. Yummy-that looks perfect! I love spirals! I could eat pasta over and over-and cold!

  26. rachel says:

    I dislike sprouts.

  27. I’m jealous of all of those greens! I’ve been eating way too much beige stuff in the past few days!!

  28. That looks so good! I could never get sick of brussel sprouts, they are a favorite veggie in our house. I’ve never thought to crack open a veggie cube on them, but I bet it gives off good flavor.

  29. This looks so delish! Love the idea of brown rice pasta! And you know I love me some mushrooms, circa my post today 🙂

  30. This looks so good. I don’t think I would get tired of eating it either!

  31. Kayla says:

    Your brussels sprouts look SO AMAZING! So bright and beautiful! LOVE

  32. oh oh ohhhhhh! I must make this. Looks delicious, gluten free, and easy!!! Not to mention, yes, filling (with fiber). 🙂
    Seriously yum.

    I could eat kabocha squash (roasted) and brussle sprouts every. single. day. Seriously. I love the stuff. Those two items are my crack… with dijon mustard. 🙂

  33. I would love it if I liked mushrooms I guess!!!! Crunchy sprouts? Really? I might have to try this because I normally make them mushy because I love them so much! Major goodness! The errors are so funny. I need to check my packaging more often!

  34. But was the pasta really a “delightful eating experience”, as promised 😉
    Hee hee… I could eat the sauted mushroom/spinach/tomato/pesto combination every day I think. For ever!

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