Simple Breakfast, Crazy Day

Lundberg brown rice cakes, one with peanut butter, one with sunflower seed butter, and banana.  Simply delicious!  I forgot how much I love these things!

Another day of mentally running around like a chicken with head cut off (because physically I’m just sitting here typing like the dickens to get my work done before I have to leave for school).  Have a happy Monday!

How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?

❤ C

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26 Responses to Simple Breakfast, Crazy Day

  1. I drove 2.5 hours to visit my first trader joes… you’ll hear more about that soon =)

    and OMG that plate! where is it from? ob-sessed!

    • If there were a TJ’s within 2.5 hours of here I would totally go tooooooooo! Shoot, I’d go 8-10 hours probably, lol!! 😉 And I got the plate at Target a while back… it matches the purple bird cup that makes its appearance every now and again! 😉

  2. Hope your day calms down a bit!! I know how daunting typing away at the computer all day can go out and take a walk if you have to. You’ll feel 10,000 times better!

    Yummy breakfast, too! I had a simple slice of toast, PB, and banana the other day and thought the same thing- simple is sooo good.

  3. I hope things go smoothly today and that you got everything done you need to! Breakfast looks like a perfect start to the day!

  4. LOVE the plate! So cute! Good luck with finishing everything! I’d intended to do some school work this weekend, but that completely fell to the way-side. Oops! Oh well, I know I’ll be back on that train in no-time, so I’m enjoying my relaxation while I can!

  5. lindsay says:

    that literally what I have for breakfast everyday. I love the crunch in the cakes!

  6. That breakfast looks good! I loooooveee pb!

  7. oh man-that right there is one of my favorite snacks ever. totally hits all the spots-sweet,salty,crunchy,smooth. a PMSers delight 🙂 (well, maybe if there was some chocolate)
    still an awesome snack!

    this past weekend i worked, watched the Packers kick booty-yay! and watched the Seahawks lose-yay!
    i also hung out with the fam 🙂

  8. movesnmunchies says:

    ahhahhaha crazy days are sometimes fun!!! i didnt do anything too exciting…made my own bread!

  9. hope things calmmmmmm down for you honey!!! 🙂

  10. Jen says:

    Cute plate!!!!
    Hope everything calms down for you 🙂


  11. The close-up on that banana-Mmmm….

  12. Erika says:

    I really need to try rice cakes with nut butter – I think I’m missing out! I like to make rice cake pizzas though. 🙂

  13. Meesh says:

    mmm love pb and banana!

  14. Peggy says:

    Sounds like you’re having my kind of week, too! Busy busy busy!

  15. I love sunflower seed butter! Such a fun change up from traditional pb. I had a wonderful long weekend and am now sad that it’s over 😦

  16. Hmmm… I don’t actually remember my weekend. And it was only two days ago. Uh oh.

  17. I love simple yummy breakfasts like that!

    I’m heading back to reality from a long weekend away. Back to freezing cold weather too…but it was great to be where it’s sunny and warm all weekend!
    Hope your crazy week calms down a little 🙂

  18. Kayla says:

    I went to a parade. Then Church on Sunday, the usual!

  19. rachel says:

    even though i’ve only JUST eaten a curry, your breakfast has made me hungry again. A good combo there my dear!!!

  20. That’s how I eat my rice cakes too 🙂


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