So apparently you guys think I’m stylish?

Over the course of a few days, I have been awarded this lovely Stylish Blogger Award by SIX of you wonderful ladies!

I am feeling the love y’all!  Here’s my 7 random facts.

1. When I was little I was obsessed with the sound of high heels on tile.  I can actually remember being in my stroller in the mall and perking up when I heard that noise.  I tried to emulate it by walking forcefully on my tip toes for a while, to the point that my mom thought something was wrong with me!

2. I used to hate birds until I volunteered at a local wildlife rescue a couple years ago.  They make you do 20 hours in the bird room (because so many people volunteer because they just want to cuddle the little furry woodland creatures), and I fell in love.  I had no idea that birds had so much personality!  Now I leave bird seed out back in a bird feeder and I LOVE to bird watch.

3. I have had quite a few piercings in my time.  Belly button (retired), tongue (twice, retired), nose twice, labret (retired for the moment), three holes in each earlobe (one retired, two remaining), and three ear cartilage piercings (standard upper ear, rook, and tragus – thinking about retiring the tragus).

4. I think Australians have the best accents EVER.

5. I am a bit obsessed with acapella singing and wish I could sing well so I could be a part of an acapella group.

6. I named the dog we got when I was in sixth grade after a boy I had a crush on, Travis.

7. One of my best friends and I share the same middle name, our moms share the same first and middle names, and our families are both from the same parts of New Jersey, though we met in Austin.  Also, a very good friend of mine, who I knew before Alex and I started dating, lived down the street from and was friends with Alex when they were children in GEORGIA.  And Alex and I lived down the street from one another and apparently frequented the same bars but never met, only to meet later when we were both living in completely different parts of town.

I know I’m supposed to tag a bunch of folks, but I’m lazy and have to get back to work.  If you have yet to receive this fun award, consider yourself tagged and DO IT!  🙂

❤ C

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13 Responses to So apparently you guys think I’m stylish?

  1. What a small world—all those connections with people…synchronicity or something 🙂

    I laughed about the dog name—that is hilarious.

    It was fun to learn more about you!

  2. so fun to read about all those personal things!!
    i’m still not a big bird fan…i love bird watching, but birds as pets creep me out. i agree though, they DO have major personality.
    the university here in seattle did a study about all the crows and how they can recognize individual people and hold grudges. creepsters! LOL!

  3. lindsay says:

    I used to be obsessed with the high heel noise too. why is that? I’ve always wondered. Ok, back to work!

  4. I make my GPS talk to me in an Australian accent. His name is Lee. My husband is insanely jealous.


  5. Dang woman! That is a lot of piercings! I had my belly button done, but took it out when I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest son. Now all that remains are the sad scars of my youth. I love these things! You learn so much about people!

  6. Fun facts! I love learning all the little things about other bloggers!

  7. omg, I’m pretty obsessed with acapella singing groups, too!

  8. movesnmunchies says:

    ahahah Australians DO have the best accents ever! luckily for me I have two Australian friends.. and i always give them something to talk about!

  9. rachel says:

    I had the top of my ear pierced when I was 21 and CRIED when the woman in the shop did it. The girl sitting next to me who was about 11 didn’t. We both got a lollipop.

    I no longer have that piercing and am tattoo free. Myself and pain do not mix. Respect to your pain threshold.

  10. inmytummy says:

    These are fun to read.

    I had my nose pierced for four years. I miss it sometimes but I took it out and the hole closed almost immediately.

  11. Heather says:

    I always liked the sound of clicking heels on tile so one day when I was at a thrift store with my aunt, I begged her to buy me a pair of tap shoes. They were a bit big for me, but I pretended that they fit perfectly. She let me get them and I proceeded to “tap” my little heart out on the bathroom floor until my parents eyes were about to bug out! 😉

  12. Erica D says:

    Haha, I’m so glad we were both lazy!!! Now I don’t feel so bad.

    I’ve been wearing boots with a slight heel to school for the past few days, and I’m making so much noise walking around the hallways that I feel like I’m disrupting the students!

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