Like a Lavender Burrito

In massage therapy school for the past couple weeks we have been learning hydrotherapy techniques and the varying effects water treatments can have on the body.  We have experienced a foot treatment, a cold water wash, a dry brush treatment, and today we had a facial, an herbal wrap, and cold water treading.

Cold water treading is where you march around in ice water for a minute or so.  It increases circulation and boosts metabolism.  And when you have to do this outside on a 40° morning, it’s a bit of an excruciating task. I have photographic evidence of this phenomenon.

So, yeah… I can say it woke me up at least!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that metabolism boost!  🙂

That was all worth it though once we came inside for our herbal wraps.

We were wrapped in towels doused with lavender-infused hot water and tucked in snug like a burrito, along with a facial treatment performed by a partner.


I love love LOVE massage therapy school, and my fellow classmates make the experience so special.  We have really connected and grown into a loving, caring family, and I am grateful for all of our interactions and opportunities to learn and grow together.  I couldn’t think of a better group of folks to travel this road with!

And with that I’m spent.  I promise to finally get around to blogging tomorrow about those spectacular cookies I baked the other day, the lucky recipients of whom were my lovely classmates.

Have you ever gotten a professional massage?  What did you think?

❤ C

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16 Responses to Like a Lavender Burrito

  1. spabettie says:

    I’m kindof a “new friend” here, and I’m excited to see you’re in massage school! 😀

    I have spent most of my career in spa, and love the benefits of therapeutic massage (AND hydrotherapy!).

    I’ve also been to skin care school, and totally know what you mean about the small-class close camaraderie… it was SO fun! You can’t help but make connections when you are learning and practicing body treatments on each other! 😀

    I look forward to seeing more posts about your journey!

    • This is really the first post I’ve made in detail about my class, but I plan to do more. We can’t help but have a blast when we’re together, and I’m glad I’ve started remembering to bring my camera to class! 😀

  2. Erica D says:

    I want to be a lavender burrito!! One instructor at the yoga studio I attend at school is a massage therapist, so at the end of her classes she puts lavender stuff on her hands and gives you a head massage while you’re in savasana. So amazing!

  3. rsmacaalay says:

    I love getting professional massages and do it at least once every 3 months, having lived in Asia these services are really cheap in Philippines I remember when I was still there a really good massage will cost around Php 700 thats roughly US$ 20, here in NZ the best value would be around NZ$80 which is around US$65.

  4. lindsay says:

    oh man, I would have jumped out fast! At first I thought you were stomping grapes… yummm….wine! hehe.
    But that wrap looks so relaxing. I’ve never had one, but I’ve had massages before. I LUV THEM!

  5. I was like, how in the world would a lavender burrito taste?? Haha!

    I usually go to this one spa in town and have a hot stone massage, but with the price I have to pay plus tip, it is definitely a splurge that I don’t indulge in often. So, just let me know when you graduate and I’ll book my flight to Texas! 😉

  6. A hot stone massage is the way to go! I’ve had multiple ones and it is by far my favorite treatment ever received. The hot rocks everywhere, even between your toes, is wonderful!

  7. I LOVE massages (who doesn’t, right?) I usually get about 2-3 a year (starting when I was about 16), but this year I’ve had considerably more. When I first started getting massages I always went to those chain places like Massage Envy, but this year I’ve gone to quite a few actual spas to have them & I have to say that the whole spa experience totally rocks my socks off! It’s definitely more expensive, but I’m thinking that’s what I’ll be leaning toward in the future. It’s worth the cost : )

  8. OliePants says:

    LOL I love the burrito title! I love getting massages! Now, I’m addicted!

  9. i was wondering about the lavender burrito thing!
    as far as cold water treading, you would HAVE to pay me to do anything like that! seriously. no. friggin. way…….. unless the reward was money or a gift card to trader joe’s or whole foods or something!
    professional massage, yes, i have had 2. my favorite part is the foot rub. the rest i could do without actually.
    foot massage=always 🙂

  10. Meri says:

    Oh god I can barely handle those first pictures- I want to be the burrito!
    I got my hair “painted” (foiled” yesterday and got a lovely head massage- ahhhhh. Everyday should be a spa day.

  11. hehe looks like fun! =) except for the freezing cold water…. oh dear! you are a strong one! i’d run. fast!

  12. inmytummy says:

    That makes me cold just looking at the pictures!! I love getting professional massages.

  13. OUCH for icing!
    So… darn… cold!

  14. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! You go to the best school ever, I’m jealous.

    But you look like you are in so much pain! 😦

    I would totally be down with the lavender wrap. That was probably very relaxing after all that coldness!

    & I have never had a professional massage in my life. Well, my boyfriend’s friend does massages and he rubbed my neck one time. But that doesn’t count. It was very nice though. Mmmm…..


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