FF: In the pink!

Hey guys!  I apologize in advance for the quick nature and super briefness of this post.  I have a TON of stuff left to do today and I may or may not get to post later, so now’s my window of opportunity.

Let’s celebrate Flashback Friday in lightening speed with the only three pictures I have on this computer showcasing when I had pink hair!

This was around 5-6 years ago.  I LOVED having pink hair, and I wore it that way for 2 years!  If it weren’t so high maintenance I’d probably do it again, but purple this time.  🙂

I’ll leave with a crappy cell phone pic foreshadowing my next post.

Have you ever dyed your hair a crazy color?

❤ C

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9 Responses to FF: In the pink!

  1. pink. orange. pink and orange. blue. green. and red.

    =) i wanted to be gwen stefani to boot!

    your hair looked so fun and pretty in pink! love it!

  2. Ashley says:

    I love these pics – so cute! Mostly I’ve dyed my hair with regular colors (shades of brown or blond), but there was a time when I went through a red phase & had dyed my hair pretty much every shade of red known to man-kind (and I’m not talking about the shades of red that are naturally occurring in human hair colors, lol). It just fades so fast & it’s definitely hard to keep up with! Right now I’m blond, but I’m considering going dark brown again (I LOVED having dark hair, but all of my fam hated it – what can ya do?)

  3. Bright, cardinal red. I absolutely loved it, but then again like many bloggers I love the limelight 🙂
    I also think the pink is crazy cute on you!

  4. Peggy says:

    Haven’t done anything as vibrant as pink, but I had purple highlights once, and you could barely see them because my hair is so dark anyway. And it looks like you’re having a cookie extravaganza!

  5. oooh i see the no-bake grandma cookies in that picture!
    yes, i’ve had my hair pink and purple. now i just henna it red. it’s so faded and bland right now, i NEED to get my tori amos red back 🙂

  6. Erica D says:

    I’ve never dyed my hair, but I love living vicariously through gorgeous people like you! Same thing with facial piercings 😉

  7. A group of my friends and I once decided to dye our hair weird colours but somehow they ended up with red and purple, which looked quite good. I got blue which turned my blonde hair turquoise! AND I had a college interview a few days later… got in though 🙂

  8. Wow! The pink looks really good on you! I’ve actually never dyed my hair, but I have sort of a unique natural color that would make me sad to lose. Depending on the lighting and what part of my head you’re looking at, I could be a blonde, brunette, or a red-head!

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