FF: School Pictures!

Yesterday I bought a new bowl at Ross for a whopping 1.50, and I super love it.

Isn’t it pretty?  And of course it’s showcasing cereal.  All day erry day.

I also picked up a new spatula duo for 1.99, a set of three green plastic mixing bowls for 2.99, and the coveted vanilla bean paste Miz Janetha found at her Ross the other day. Ross is the bomb dot com!

The yoga studio I attend won a free meal for 25 people at Chipotle. Free Chipotle?!  That’s practically as good as winning the lottery! (Okay, so winning the lottery would totally trump free dinner, but I take what I can get!). Last night’s dinner was this beautiful creation.

Carnitas burrito bowl with their kickass cilantro rice, black beans (they’re hiding), peppers and onions, obscene amounts of their corn salsa, tomatillo sauce, lots of guac, and a smattering (fun to say, say it over and over again, smattering, smattering, smattering, smattering) of green Tabasco for good measure.  De-light-ful!

Anyone want to guess what breakfast was?  If you said cereal, you might be psychic, but it’s probably more like I’m getting predictable.  😉

At least I fancied them up with some frozen blueberries this time!

Now for some Flashback Friday action… presenting… SCHOOL PICTURES!

I love watching the awkwardness unfold!!  😉

Tonight I am tackling my first lasagna EVER.  I am doing it a bit nontraditionally too, so I’m pretty dang excited.  Be back with that recipe tomorrow!

❤ C

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14 Responses to FF: School Pictures!

  1. lindsay says:

    oh love the glamour senior shot. Thats awesome! and I just left marshalls with the same great finds! Well kinda. I love all their random cheap stuff. SCORE!

  2. look at that pose! haha work it girl!

    i’m still giggling at smattering =) all the food looks delish as always!


  3. great photos! in 8th grade you look like the girl from the show Blossom!
    Your awkwardness is far less awkward than mine was….. braces, baaaaaaaad perms, acne. oy vey!
    i love your new bowl, too 🙂 Ross is where I found my “love” bowl!

  4. Meri says:

    It’s the “purplebirdbowl” hehe! I’m so clever…
    I love the “matting” around all of the pictures- a very nice touch

  5. rsmacaalay says:

    You looked like Liv Tyler on the 10th grade shot!

  6. Oh yeah! Rocking the side ponytail!

    So crazy to look back and see how much we change over the years!

    Very cute bowl! And I’m SOOO jealous of your vanilla bean paste find! 😦

  7. Peggy says:

    Love the school pics! Can’t wait to see how the lasagna turned out!

  8. janetha says:

    i love all your flashback photos! it is cool to see you grow up through the years. rockin the side pony! i was there, too, my friend. yay for ross! and yay for me having time to read blogs–i have missed yours a LOT.

  9. janetha says:

    oh yeah and i really wanted chipotle today because we got a buy 1/get 1 coupon in the mail, but marshall didn’t. seeing this made it worse!

  10. jen says:

    I love how you’re rockin’ the side ponytail, MANY of my school pictures included the same! LOVE your senior picture!!


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