Honor Yourself

Let me start today’s post by announcing the winners of the PB&Co coupon contest!  Per random.org, the winners are #2 and #5, vegansunshine and kissmybroccoli!  Ladies, email your addresses to purplebirdchristin AT gmail DOT com and I will get those coupons in the mail ASAP!  🙂

I woke up this morning to the house being a crisp 64° (don’t judge, I live in Texas and that is cold, plus it’s overcast so it’s even chillier!)… our heater had broken!  Luckily our maintenance dude was able to find parts within a few hours and get it fixed.  Cold house meant cold doggies, which warranted busting out the doggie sweaters!

I had to wrap the little guy up burrito-style… he’s old and has a hard time staying warm!

Despite the chill in the house, I was craving cereal and granola.

More Mom’s Best Honey Grahams and some homemade peanut butter granola (with a hidden peanut butter spoonful at the bottom).  I love the chocolate milk that chocolate cereals make, but the peanut butter milk resulting from this bowl was to die for.

Peanut buttery goodness.

My surrogate dad (a dear friend in town who has adopted me as his own daughter <3) gave me this the other day, and I wanted to share it with you as I believe the message is so very important.

I have this sitting where I can look at if often, to serve as a wonderful reminder.  To thine own self be true!

❤ C

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13 Responses to Honor Yourself

  1. I love a good pet sweater =) the ferrets have t-shirts and the cat owns a hot pink snuggie =)

    don’t judge =)


  2. those are the cutest little doggie sweaters!!!! We had one for Rocky, but he’s outgrown it, lol. I’ve kept it around awhile, but the last time I put it on him I had to laugh as his skin rolled over the top like fat rolls….maybe it’s time we get a bigger size : )

  3. Peanut butter milk?! Uh, yeah!!

    Lovin your “burrito pup” too cute!

  4. that is so cool that you have a “surrogate dad” in your life 🙂 from the looks of that gift, it seems as though he’s a pretty special guy!
    even if we have our biological dads in our lives, and as strong independent women,i think it’s so important to have a strong male father- figure around.
    too many reasons to list why, but it’s a good thing for sure 🙂

  5. Aww your doggies are adorable :).

  6. ihearteggs says:

    LOVE this! What a great message!

    …. and PB milk? Yes PLEASE!

  7. Paj says:

    My dog has the same pink & gray sweater.

    I always find it so funny when you take the sweater off and somehow the dog looks so naked, event though that’s how they normally are.

  8. spabettie says:

    aw, the pups are so cute in their sweaters. Basil has a couple sweaters, a jacket… and … a snuggie. 😀

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