Dumplins and Doomtree

For the record, sad casserole got much tastier overnight in the fridge and made for a better dinner last night. And a little goat cheese and Sriracha made it pretty wonderful too.

My bestie gave me a HUGE  acorn that is perfect and flawless and looks just like my tattoo.

We also found some stuffed animal birds at Cracker Barrel today that look like my tattoos too.

And oh, Cracker Barrel.  Thank you for being the ultimate comfort food, and thank you Bestie for taking me there for lunch. I had the roast beef with hashbrown casserole, turnip greens,

and DUMPLINS.  Yes, like chicken and dumplins without the chicken.

And thank you, Lactaid pill, for making this a comfortably eaten meal.  🙂

Hey, locals.  Especially those of you of the hip-hop loving variety. Go to Red 7 tonight.  It’s going to be MONUMENTAL. Doomtree is here from Minneapolis, the WHOLE crew.  I might pee a bit I’m so excited. Here’s some photos with POS, Sims, and the beautiful Dessa from shows past.

I have never been so starstruck, and to see them all perform is gonna be NUTS.  Can’t wait!


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4 Responses to Dumplins and Doomtree

  1. lindsay says:

    haha, love the acorn! And I loe cracker barrel for some good comfort food. When I eat gluten, I definitely indulge in their mac and cheese!!

    • Sometimes it’s just gotta be a comfort food day! 🙂 Pot pie is another huge guilty comfort food pleasure of mine. I only eat that once in a blue moon, but when I do I savor every bite!

  2. Hannah says:

    m Cracker Barrel! I’ve never been there, but Jon is always telling me we have to go there some day. This has convinced me he is correct!! Love your blog, helps me make it through History class 🙂 Love you! Me and JOn wanna bring some food over soon and grill/hang with you guys!


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