Famous Friends Rock

Happy Monday, everyone!

I had an intensely busy day yesterday!  I managed to squeeze in some work, lots of homework, and THREE practice massages yesterday! Doing the full body Swedish routine is quite awesomely vigorous, and I am sore today like I worked out!  I love it.

I threw some chicken breasts in the crock pot just like last weekend so I would have a go-to food for the week.

Once dinnertime rolled around, I just kind of threw some things in bowl and called it good. Alex had picked up this curry in a box from Target to accompany his pork chops last night. (We cook separately a lot because our schedules don’t always match up these days, not to mention we’re not always fond of what the other one is craving. 😉 )

I perused the ingredients list and was actually pretty impressed.

In the end I put chicken, crumbled cornbread, and a spoonful of the lentils in a bowl and drizzled it all with the curry sauce.

Not very pretty, and actually it brought Heather‘s “dog barf” post to mind (perhaps I should have placed it in a decorative border as well!), but I assure you it was delicious and satisfying.

The highlight of my day yesterday was definitely practicing massage on my friend, Stef, aka POS.  If you’re familiar with underground/Midwest hip-hop at all, you may very well know who POS is.  And if you don’t, you should definitely look him up.  Seriously. YouTube. Now. Do it.

Anyway, he was in town to perform at the local Fun Fun Fun Fest all-weekend music shindig, which I couldn’t spare the time to go to with homework and all, but after his set I went and scooped him from his hotel, brought him back to the house, and practiced the Swedish routine on him.  Having famous friends kicks a whole lotta ass.  🙂

Even better is he’ll be back a week from Tuesday with the whole Doomtree crew.  Madness.

With that I’m out.  Another long Monday ahead.  Have a great day everyone!


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3 Responses to Famous Friends Rock

  1. lindsay says:

    I think its funny how some things that look so bad can taste amazing! I am so happy I don’t have a texture problem. I’ll eat anything!
    I want to know more about your massage school, so interesting!! Thinking about accupuncture at all?

    • I will pretty much eat anything too! Except cottage cheese. Feels like chewing up barf to me. Can’t do it.

      I am LOVING massage school! I’m going to The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage, the best massage therapy school in the area by a landslide. All the professors are AMAZING and I’m an anatomy nerd so I am super loving that aspect of it all! Acupuncture is something I have never even received but REALLY want to. My boyfriend has a friend that is almost out of school for that, and I can’t wait to be a client of his and try it out. I am really fascinated by all kinds of alternative medical care and a firm believer in the magical results massage can produce! 🙂

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