A Female Hugh Hefner

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great day yesterday.  We went to a friend’s house for a nice authentic Mexican meal (which I didn’t take any pictures of because I was too busy stuffing my face!), where we got to see these lovely *ahem* ladies.

Hugh Hefner and her two Playboy bunnies, Super “Woman”, and a chicken head.  Too funny!

Nothing monumental made in the kitchen yesterday.  I did cook up some chicken breasts in the crock pot (and thank god for my roommate, who took them off when they were done while I was enjoying dinner with friends… I had completely forgotten about them!) which are shredded and in the fridge to be used throughout the week.

My boyfriend got me some cute gifts yesterday while he was out. (Forgive the poor picture quality, I was too lazy to take them out of my office to get some good lighting.)

I LOVE owls.

And I also love to personify inanimate objects.

Made my day.  ❤

Off to enjoy some breakfast (overnight oats, but made in a bowl this time… no available jars of peanut butter) and get started on my day. Monday is my LONG day.  I get up around 7:45-8, work all day till about 4:30, leave to head up to the massage therapy school, set up tables and chairs for class (it’s a paying gig, $10 bucks a week, but I’m in it more for the exercise aspect, those tables are awesomely heavy!), then class till 10 (tonight’s lecture is on muscles), tear down the tables and chairs, back home by 11, eat dinner, shower, wind down, and am usually in bed by 1:30.  Needless to say, I allow myself a little time to sleep in on Tuesday! Have a wonderful day everyone!


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3 Responses to A Female Hugh Hefner

  1. kristisn says:

    Haha! Those costumes are too funny. Those are some nice looking “bunnies” 🙂

  2. janetha says:

    Hey! I love owls, too. Do you follow myowlbarn.com?

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